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In vivo ADME/PK

Depending on each development program, the design of ADME/PK studies can be tightly tailored and adapted to meet the specific needs of indivual projects (early stage information for lead selection, validation of better bioavailability, optimized half-life or at a later stage to validate or define an optimal formulation...).



3H, 14C, 90Y, 111In, 125I, 177Lu...


- Mouse (healthy animals, tumor models)
- Rat


- Single and multiple dosing
- Oral, intravenous, subcutaneous, intra-muscular, intra-articular...

ADME studies:

- Tissue distribution (necropsy)
- Pharmacokinetics
- Drug plasma concentration
- Blood/plasma partition rate
- Excretion rate (urine, faeces)
- Metabolic profiling of plasma, urine and tissues


- All data can be adapted to client's needs/existing templates
- Standard report / customized report on demand